Observing session :

Weather permitting, there will be a solar observing session on Sunday 13th July, between 2pm and 4pm at South Downs Planetarium, (off Kingsham Road, Chichester, West Sussex). The planetarium’s hydrogen alpha scope will be available to use, along with several other solar setup’s, naturally if you have your own solar observing equipment feel free to bring it along. Non-members are also very welcome, so feel free to come along.

Hints of gravity waves found..

Researchers have released evidence of a pattern of observed galactic light polarisation changes which imply evidence of gravitational waves, left over from the so called inflation event that occurred (we assume shortly) after the big bang.  Further replication of the experiment is required but the results look encouraging.

It raises the interesting possibility that inflation may have erased all structure/information (by stretching out space time and removing structural evidence such as space-time creases) from before inflation— meaning it might be impossible for us to ever know anything about the structure and timescales involved ‘very very just after’ the big bang.

ED: Though after having read this article in New Scientist, I can’t help asking “how can we even be sure (as some have speculated) that the big bang resulted from a singularity (single point of infinite density) if no structure information was carried past inflation?—Surely this means that for all we know  (potentially) it could all be spewed from a small ‘rip’ of an indefinite age, instead of stemming from one infinite point of singularity!  -  Just sayin...










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