Get ready for the Eclipse!

On March 20th 2015 we will see a partial eclipse over the whole UK except In the Faroe Islands where it will be a total eclipse.

From Southern England It starts at 08:23am, maximum at 09:29am, ending at 10:40am and will there be a substantial amount of the sun covered. Make the most of it as they don’t happen very often!

You will need a low horizon as the sun will be only 28.8 degrees above the horizon at maximum. (that’s just ‘two fists high above the horizon when you clench your fist at arms length), so—weather permitting a seaside location might be ideal.

Don’t forget to order some eclipse glasses well in advance (ebay etc), please don't even think about using sunglases, CD’s, bottle glass or welding glasses!—they don’t block the harmful part of the spectrum and you will damage your eyes, even if you don’t immediately notice it, you will end up needing cataract surgery or much worse later in life!!












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